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Product Information

TouchRight Utilities

Right Mouse functions for Touch screen systems

Whats New? Support for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 (32 & 64 bit) is now Available!

And... Individuals can now license TouchRight Utilities for only $9.95!

Download the TouchRight demo and use its Licensing Manager to purchase a license

An easy interface for bringing Right Mouse functions to ANY touch screen or other pointing device interface. Great for users, developers, integrators, field service, or administrators who work with and configure non-mouse or touch screen applications.

TouchRight Utilities right mouse functions

Why do I need this?

Most touch screen drivers enable a "touch" or "press" to act as the left button click of a mouse. The act of pointing is very intuitive on a touchscreen, i.e. you point!
To interface with windows, the act of "touching" the screen is converted into a left click (as though you used the mouse to point to the button / area) and then "clicked" to select / press button. Since the screen IS the interface, there is no intuitive way to implement a Right-Click (No, you cannot use your other hand!).

Sometimes a default press-and-hold approach creates interface issues. However, using the Right-Click can be important when working with systems, so using "TouchRight", you can easily access the system, changing back and forth from Left to Right Click!

The window itself can be sized and repositioned anywhere on the screen, can be optionally hidden until needed, and provides various other capabilities as required by customers.

How do I right click?

With "TouchRight" a single touch turns your finger into a Right Click instead of a Left. Touch again, and you're back to the Left (or automatically after a single Right-Click).

TouchRight Utilities in Action

What else do I get?

The TouchRight Utilities includes various useful functions:
  • Always Topmost - this feature keeps the TouchRight window visible for easy access, but can be turned off when you want your screen real-estate back!
  • Hide until Taskbar Active - this allows you to hide the window to retrieve full screen visibility, but by simply clicking on the Windows Taskbar, you can immediately see the TouchRight window again! (New in 1.20)
  • Single Right-Click Only - this option automatically returns to the default Left-Click after a single Right-Click action - great for quick "clicking"
  • The ability to Shutdown Windows, Exit (Logoff) Windows, and reboot your system are available.


  • Easy to use and understand approach to access Right-Click functionality from a single click interface

  • Single-Right click feature - monitors action and reverts immediately back to a left click after a right-click event, or operate in fixed mode until user toggles action

  • Pre-defined positions, along with complete size and position flexibility

  • Window and system interface options for ease of use / access

  • Hide until Taskbar active - easy way to hide, but still quickly access functions

  • Operator only option

  • Windows System functions - shutdown, log off, restart

  • Flexible options to handle configuration and configuration menu


TouchRight Utilities software written as standard Windows application
  • Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
  • Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as Windows operating system for maximum capabilities
  • Accesses Windows API via standard interfaces/System DLLs - No frameworks or special environment required
  • Support for all Windows variations since Windows 95

Technical Information

TouchRight Utilities is a standard Windows Application and does not require any special drivers, and should work with all keyboard and mouse emulation drivers that are compatible with the ones that ship with Microsoft Windows.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

Order - TouchRight Utilities

Now... Individuals can license TouchRight Utilities for only $9.95!

TouchRight Utilities Commercial License - Suggested Retail is US $49.95

  • Supports: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Embedded
  • Catalog #: 12101

TouchRight Utilities Personal License - Cost is US $9.95
  • Supports: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Important Note: This is a Limited Support license
  • Catalog #: 90001

For OEM, Integrator & Reseller Pricing or EndUser Single, Multi-Site, or Enterprise Licensing
(including Keyless Licensing, Image Ready integration, and Programming Integration Support),

please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales